Straffords Warranty Options

Van Protect

  • Provided that the terms and conditions of this Guarantee have fully complied with the following specifically listed Components and labour costs (except clutch) are covered against mechanical Breakdown.

    • Engine:
      * Cylinder block (excluding cracks and porosity)
      * Cylinder bores and liners (excluding cracks and porosity)
      * Crankshaft
      * Crank bearings
      * Big end bearings
      * Oil pump
      * Con-rods
      * Gudgeon pins
      * Small end bearings
      * Pistons
      * Piston rings
      * Cylinder head (excluding cracks, porosity)
      * Rocker shaft
      * Rockers
      * Hydraulic lifters
      * Camshaft and cam followers
      * Pushrods
      * Camshaft bearings
      * Inlet and exhaust valves
      * Valve springs
      * Valve guides
      * Cylinder head gasket
      * Timing gears
      * Timing chains
      * Flywheel or flex plate
      * Starter ring gear (Excluding: overheating, decoking, burnt, pitted and sticking valves)
    • Cooling:
      * Engine thermostat
      * Water pump
    • Manual Gearbox:
      The following internal mechanical components are covered: * Gears and gear clusters
      * Selectors and shafts
      * Synchromesh assemblies
      * Bushes
      * Ball and roller bearing
      * Needle bearings
    • Steering:
      * Rack and pinion steering box (Excluding power steering and gaiters)
    • Braking:
      * Brake master cylinders
    • Electrical:
      * Alternator
      * Starter motor
      * Starter solenoid
    • Casings:
      Consequential damage to casings caused by the failure of a covered component will constitute part of the total claim and within the guarantee limits.
    • Working Materials:
      Should any authorised repair to any of the above components require essential replacement of or topping up of lubricants, oils or coolant or replacement of the oil filter these shall be covered as part of the total claim within the guarantee limits, providing the vehicle is not within 1,000 miles of its next due service.
    • Automatic Gearbox:
      The following internal mechanical components are covered: * Governor
      * Valve block
      * Oil pump
      * Gears
      * Brake bands
      * Servos
      * Clutches
      * Seals
      * Shafts
      * Bearings
      * Bushes
      * Modulator valve
    • Differential/s (2 wheel driver & 4X4):
      * Planetary gear assembly
      * Crown wheel and pinion assembly
      * Internal shafts
      * Bearings and bushes
      * Thrust washers
      * Spacers
      * Bevel gears. (Excluding: centre differentials 4X4 vehicles)

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